Autism Awareness Pajama Day!!!

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The story behind Pajama Day

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How to bring Pajama Day to your school district

Click here for a letter from me to the School, a flyer for the school, and a letter to support the fundraiser from Anderson Center For Autism.


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Anderson Center For Autism

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Introducing myself and how Pajama Day started

Hi, my name is Abby Edwards. I am currently 16 years old and a junior in high school. I have two brothers, Josh, who is 20 years old (on the left in picture), and Riley, who is 18 years old (in the middle in the picture). Riley has Autism and attends a school called Anderson Center For Autism. I have always been super close with both Josh and Riley so having Riley living away from home is always difficult but Anderson has made it easier for my family and I because we know how much Riley and other Anderson Students are cared for. Everyone at Anderson holds a dear place in our hearts, We are all so grateful for everything they do and we know Riley is learning new things and normally participates in all kind of activities and programs with his peers and he is happy. With the Coronavirus pandemic they haven't been able to go out in the community as much but everyone at Anderson has been working extremely hard to keep the students happy and entertained and let me tell you they are doing an amazing job. We are so greatful for everything they are doing and continuing to show up for my brother and his peers. 

   In April of 2017 I started my first annual Autism Awareness Pajama Day Fundraiser in my middle school. The idea sprung on me after attending an Anderson Family Partners Meeting with my family. I was listening as they were talking about the importance of fundraising and how important it was for siblings to get involved as well, in order to make sure that the students can continue with all their activities and Anderson's programs. So I was thinking about how my middle school had recently hosted a pajama day fundraiser for another cause where students donated and wore their pajamas to school. So I decided since I love wearing my pajamas, Riley loves wearing pajamas, and I've now learned after these past pajama days that a lot of people love wearing their pajamas, so why not for a good cause? I emailed my principal explaining my plan to hold a pajama day for Autism Awareness with donations to be given to Anderson Center For Autism. We raised a lot from my middle school alone, then also the fact that we live in a small town so local business and families also donated towards pajama day.  When people  learned that is was for someone they knew it seemed they were eager to give. In the following years, Pajama day kept expanding as I continued to reach out to more school districts who were excited to join with the help of Eliza Bozenski and Christine Wolcott from Anderson's foundation, and my family.

  This year things will be a little different than previous years. I do plan to reach out to local schools again that I know are in school so they can have an in person pajama day. But also I do want to expand this fundraiser to anyone who wants to join and help support Anderson so that's what I created this website for :). Pajama Day will be held on Friday, April 16, 2021 although donations are still accepted through the whole month of April being that April is Autism Awareness month. Autism Awareness is so important being that now 1 in 54 individuals are identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and so awareness is so important. Please Join us for the 5th Annual Autism Awareness Pajama Day Fundraiser supporting Anderson Center For Autism. I want to make sure my brother and his peers are able to continue with their activities and programs at Anderson.

   The past 4 years of Pajama Day have been so successful, This fundraiser raised $21,459.25 in total and I hope to keep the numbers growing this year and for many more years to come.

  Show your support and post in your PJ's!! You can post on anything: Instagram, Twitter, TikTok... Make sure to use the hashtag #AutismAwarenessPJDay2021 and tag @Anderson Center For Autism and our pajama day account @AutismAwarenessPJDay. For Facebook posts- join our Facebook group and post there - Autism Awareness Pajama Day

We're so excited to see your Pajama Day fun! 


How to show your support and donate

Any donation is so appreciated!

Your Pajama Day ticket!!

Schools Support!!

Thank you so much for being here on this page! This year, being my 5th annual Pajama Day Fundraiser, I want to continue Pajama Day and expand it!!! The more people involved in Pajama Day, the more donations that can go to my brother Riley's amazing school, Anderson Center For Autism, and the more Awareness for Autism we can spread! Usually, in school we ask each student to bring in a $3 donation, or more, while they wear their PJ's! Although this past year and this upcoming year are a bit different, with many of us students and school staff either at home some days, home everyday, or even in school every day, I figured most of us are in our PJ's all day while we're at home, I know I am! So why not donate to a good cause while we're at it? You too Parents! Yes, you can join in on the Pajama Day fun too! If you're working remotely from home, put on those PJ's and post post post!!! You can post on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, anything and use the hashtag #AutismAwarenessPJDay2021 I'd love to see your PJ Day fun!


Not a part of a school, but still want to donate? You're in the right place!!

Looking for some fun during these times?? Join us in our Autism Awareness Pajama Day Fundraiser benefitting Anderson Center For Autism! Anderson is an amazing school, caring for so many individuals with Autism, including my brother, optimizing their quality of life day by day! Here's how YOU can make a difference: wear your PJ's from home and join the fun! If you could support my fundraiser, any donation is greatly appreciated! I'd love to see your participation! You can post on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, anything and use the hashtag #AutismAwarenessPJDay2021 Let's help support Anderson Center For Autism together!


How to bring Pajama Day to your school district

School Faculty and Parents!!! Do you want your school to participate in the Pajama Day Fun!? Present these resources linked below to a school administrator, and host this Pajama Day fundraiser at your school!

Email me to let me know you're interested!!!

Students!!! Looking for a way to get community service hours? Want to spread Autism Awareness and support this fundraiser at your school? Present these resources linked below to a school administrator, and host this Pajama Day fundraiser at your school!

Email me to let me know you're interested!!!


Pajama Day Flyer

Letter from Anderson's Chief Development Officer

Letter from Abby